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Project Description

Cape Ann Trail Stewards, in conjunction with the Cape Ann Transit Authority, Mass in Motion, Essex County Greenbelt, The Trustees of Reservations, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and other conservation organizations and municipalities on Cape Ann, has arranged for trail access via public transportation by adding a number of voluntary stops along the CATA route on Cape Ann.

Through the use of siganage, both on the buses and at trail heads, CATS has identified 10 stops along the CATA route where users of the CATA buses can access these trail heads. You can download the CATA schedule here. 

Below you will find information about each stop, and web links to each trail network. Best visitation times are based on the CATA schedule and are subject to change.

Trailheads and Descriptions

1. Goose Cove ReservationEssex County Greenbelt

Goose Cove Reservation is 29 acres and located off 127 in Gloucester. This wooded property borders Goose Cove Reservoir and offers beautiful water views and well-maintained, narrow hiking trails.
Minimum time needed: 1 hour
Best visitation times: Morning or late afternoon

2. Halibut Point State ParkDCR
Halibut Point State Park is an oceanside park with hiking trails, ledges for picnicking, tidepools and expansive ocean views. It also is adjacent to The Trustees of Reservations' Halibut Point Reservation
Minimum time needed: 1 hour  
Best visitation times: Weekday afternoons/evening and weekends.

3. DeLamater Sanctuary and Waring FieldTown of Rockport
DeLamater Sanctuary and Waring Field property is protected by the Town of Rockport. This property offers a beautiful loop through an old cranberry bog and wooded uplands with granite outcroppings characteristic of Cape Ann.  
Minimum time needed: 1 hour
Best visitation times: Weekday afternoons and weekends

4. Seine FieldEssex County Greenbelt
Seine Field is 15 acres and located off Farrington Avenue in Gloucester. The walk consists of a short stroll around an open field, with ample opportunity for picnicking and blueberry picking in the summer.
Minimum time needed: 30 minutes
Best vistiation times: Weekday evenings and weekends

5. Stage Fort ParkCity of Gloucester
Stage Fort Park is a city-owned park that offers oceanside picnicking, a dog park, beaches and impressive cliffs overlooking the ocean.
Minimum time needed: 1 hour
Best visitation times: Saturday

6. Rafe's ChasmCity of Gloucester
Rafe's Chasm Park was sold by the Trustees of Reservation in 1959 to the City of Gloucester for one dollar. This 10 acre park runs from Hesperus Avenue to the rock along the shoreline, with ocean views of Norman's Woe rock to the northeast and Kettle Island to the southwest. 
Minimum time needed: 1 hour
Best visitation times: Saturday 

7. Magnolia Woods Recreational AreaCity of Gloucester
The Magnolia Woods Recreation area is a 250 acre property owned by the city of Gloucester. Much of the area is wooded, with trails and olds woods roads that meander throughout the property. Most recently, a trail has been constructed that connects Magnolia Woods to Rafe's Chasm Park, which provides spectacular ocean views.
Minimum time needed: 2 hours
Best visitation time: Saturday 

8. Ravenswood ParkTrustees of Reservations
Ravenswood Park is a 600 acre wooded park that offers 10 miles of trails with unique swamp crossings with endless wildlife viewing opportunities. 
Minimum time needed: 2 hours 
Best visitation times: Saturday

9. Fernwood LakeCity of Gloucester
Fernwood Lake is a property owned by the City of Gloucester that abuts Ravenswood Park. It also serves as the most northern part of a trail cooridor that connects Fernwood Lake to Rafe's Chasm and the ocean.
Minimum time needed: 2 hours
Best visitation time: Any 

10. Tompson Street ReservationEssex County Greenbelt
The Tompson Street Reservation is a 320 acre property that offers impressive examples of Cape Ann granite, vernal pools and many miles of beautiful trails that meander throughout the property. 
Minimum time needed: 2 hours
Best visitation time: Any 

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